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Dreaming of a candle can symbolize enlightenment, guidance, and spirituality. The flame represents the inner light within you that illuminates your path in life. Seeing a lit candle in your dream suggests clarity and insight into certain situations or issues that have been troubling you lately. It signifies hope, inspiration, and positive transformation.

If the candle is flickering or unsteady, it may indicate uncertainty or instability in your waking life. Extinguishing a candle could suggest feelings of loss or an end to something significant.

A brightly burning candle might represent success, creativity, and passion for what you do.

Alternatively, if the flame is weak or about to go out completely, it may signify challenges ahead or feelings of stagnation.

The presence of multiple candles could symbolize harmony between different aspects of yourself – mind-body-spirit balance – while arranging them orderly denotes organization and control over chaotic areas in your life.

Overall, dreaming about candles encourages self-reflection on matters concerning personal growth and spiritual connection with oneself and others around us.

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