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Dreaming of a cycle can symbolize the natural ebb and flow of life. It represents the endless circle of beginnings and endings, growth and decay. This dream suggests that you are going through a recurring pattern or phase in your waking life.

If the cycle in your dream is smooth and effortless, it may indicate harmony and balance within yourself. You have found stability amidst change, allowing you to navigate through challenges with ease.

On the other hand, if the cycle appears broken or disrupted, it could signify feelings of being stuck or trapped in repetitive patterns. Perhaps there are aspects of your life where you feel unable to break free from cyclical behavior.

Consider what type of cycle appeared in your dream for further insight: Is it related to relationships? Career? Personal habits? Reflect on any areas where you might be experiencing repetition or stagnation.

Overall, this dream encourages self-reflection about cycles present in your waking life – whether they bring contentment or need adjustment – so that you can embrace positive changes towards personal growth and fulfillment.

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