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Dreaming of jibber-jabber may symbolize confusion or a lack of clear communication in your waking life. It suggests that you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information or opinions being thrown at you, making it difficult to make sense of things.

This dream could also indicate feelings of frustration or annoyance towards someone who talks incessantly without saying anything meaningful.

Alternatively, dreaming about jibber-jabber might be a reflection of your own tendency to talk aimlessly or excessively without getting to the point. It is possible that this dream is urging you to pay attention and become more aware of how you communicate with others. In either case, this dream serves as a reminder for you to focus on clarity and effective communication. Take time to listen attentively and express yourself concisely when interacting with others. If the constant chatter becomes overwhelming, consider finding ways to filter out unnecessary noise from your environment and prioritize meaningful conversations instead.

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