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Dreaming about a “life-giver” symbolizes your inner desire to create and nurture something meaningful in your life. It represents the potential for growth, development, and new beginnings. This dream suggests that you have an innate ability to bring positivity, vitality, and inspiration into any situation or relationship. Seeing yourself as a life-giver may indicate that you possess strong nurturing qualities and are capable of providing support and care to others. You may be entering a phase where you feel compelled to give birth to new ideas, projects or relationships.

Alternatively, this dream could reflect your own need for emotional nourishment or spiritual fulfillment. It signifies the importance of self-care and finding ways to rejuvenate yourself so that you can continue giving energy to those around you.

Overall, dreaming about being a life-giver is an encouraging sign indicating your capacity for creation, compassion, and renewal both within yourself and towards others.

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