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Dreaming about life-lines can have various interpretations depending on the context and details of the dream. In general, life-lines represent your sense of direction and purpose in life.

If you see a clear and unbroken life-line in your dream, it signifies stability, balance, and confidence in your path. However, if the life-line is broken or fragmented, it suggests uncertainty or potential obstacles that may be hindering your progress. It could indicate a need for self-reflection to identify any areas where you feel disconnected from your goals.

Additionally, dreaming of multiple intersecting or tangled life-lines might symbolize complex relationships or conflicting priorities that are impacting different aspects of your existence.

If you find yourself tracing someone else’s life-line in the dream, it may suggest dependence on others for guidance or feeling overshadowed by their influence.

Overall, dreams involving life-lines urge introspection into how aligned you feel with your ambitions and whether adjustments are necessary to regain focus towards achieving fulfillment in different areas of existence.

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