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Dreaming about marriage symbolizes a union of different aspects within yourself. It represents the integration and harmony between your masculine and feminine qualities, or even the balance between your conscious and subconscious mind. This dream often signifies commitment, partnership, and loyalty.

If you are already married in real life, dreaming about marriage may reflect the strength of your relationship or potential challenges you might be facing. It can also indicate a desire for more romance or connection with your spouse.

For unmarried individuals, this dream suggests that you may be seeking emotional fulfillment or longing for companionship in waking life.

Alternatively, it could represent an internal need to unite conflicting parts of yourself.

The overall feeling during the dream is crucial to understanding its meaning accurately: if it evokes happiness and joy, it indicates positive changes on their way; however if there’s anxiety or discomfort present during the wedding ceremony, it might suggest fear of commitment or unresolved issues surrounding relationships.

Ultimately remember that personal experiences play a significant role in interpreting dreams – consider how these symbols resonate with your own feelings and circumstances to gain deeper insight into their specific significance for you.

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