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Dream Interpretation: Falling from a Cliff Dreams about falling are common and often symbolize feelings of insecurity or loss of control in waking life. In this dream, the specific imagery of falling from a cliff adds an extra layer of meaning. Falling from a cliff suggests that you may be facing overwhelming challenges or feeling unsupported in your current circumstances. The height and danger associated with cliffs represent potential risks and fear of failure. The dream could also indicate that you have reached a breaking point emotionally or mentally. It is possible that you are under immense stress, experiencing anxiety, or dealing with unresolved issues.

Additionally, the act of falling can signify surrendering to something beyond your control. It might be helpful for you to examine areas where you need to let go and trust the process instead.

Overall, this dream urges self-reflection on aspects causing distress in your life.

Consider seeking support from loved ones or professionals who can guide you through difficult times while helping regain stability and confidence.

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