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Dreaming of picket fences can symbolize a desire for security and stability in your life. These fences often represent boundaries and protection, suggesting that you may be seeking emotional or physical safety. It could indicate that you are looking to establish clear limits and protect yourself from potential threats or harm.

Alternatively, the dream might suggest feelings of being confined or restricted by societal norms or expectations. Picket fences can sometimes signify conformity and fitting into established patterns, so this dream could reflect a need for personal freedom and breaking free from constraints. The condition of the picket fence in your dream is also significant. A well-maintained fence may represent harmony within relationships or an overall sense of order in your life. However, if the fence appears broken or neglected, it could imply challenges with maintaining healthy boundaries.

Overall, dreaming about picket fences urges you to examine how secure you feel in different aspects of your waking life while encouraging introspection on whether certain limitations are hindering personal growth.

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