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Dreaming of press-agentry may symbolize your desire for recognition and validation. It suggests that you want to be noticed and admired by others for your accomplishments or skills. You have a strong need to be in the spotlight, seeking attention from those around you.

This dream could also indicate that you are concerned about how others perceive you. You might feel the pressure to maintain a certain image or reputation in order to gain acceptance and approval from society.

Alternatively, dreaming of press-agentry could imply that you are being too focused on appearances and superficial aspects of life. Perhaps you are neglecting more meaningful connections or personal growth because you prioritize external validation over internal fulfillment. In either case, this dream is urging you to reflect on what truly matters to you. Instead of solely chasing after fame or societal recognition, consider focusing on developing genuine relationships and pursuing goals aligned with your authentic self.

Remember, true happiness comes from within rather than through external accolades.

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