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Dreaming about doing push-ups can symbolize your need for strength and endurance in waking life. It represents the challenges you are facing or will face soon, and suggests that you need to exert effort and work hard to overcome them.

If you easily completed the push-ups in your dream, it signifies confidence and determination. You have a strong belief in yourself and feel capable of handling any obstacles that come your way. However, struggling or failing at doing push-ups may indicate feelings of weakness or insecurity. Perhaps there are situations where you doubt your abilities or fear failure. This dream is urging you to build up more self-confidence and develop inner strength.

Alternatively, if someone else was doing the push-ups while you watched, it could mean that you rely too much on others for support instead of taking charge of your own problems.

Overall, dreaming about push-ups reminds us that success requires effort and perseverance. No matter how tough things get, stay determined because with hard work comes triumph.

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