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Dreaming of being reviled or experiencing someone’s revilement towards you represents feelings of deep hurt and rejection. It suggests that there may be unresolved conflicts or negative emotions in your waking life, which are causing distress to your subconscious mind. This dream can indicate that you feel criticized, belittled, or attacked by others’ words or actions. The dream is a reflection of the emotional pain you might be feeling due to these interactions. It is essential to examine the source of this negativity and try to address it in order to find peace within yourself.

Consider if there are any specific individuals who consistently put you down or make derogatory remarks.

Alternatively, this dream could also suggest self-criticism and low self-esteem. You might be overly harsh on yourself, constantly berating your own abilities and achievements. In such cases, it is crucial to practice self-compassion and remind yourself of your worth.

Overall, dreaming about being reviled signifies the need for healing from emotional wounds inflicted by others or oneself. It calls for taking steps towards building resilience against criticism while fostering kindness towards oneself.

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