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Dreaming about self-deception often reflects a conflict between your conscious and unconscious mind. It suggests that you may be hiding the truth from yourself or refusing to acknowledge certain aspects of your life. This dream is urging you to confront these hidden truths and face reality with honesty.

If you are deceiving others in the dream, it could indicate feelings of guilt or fear regarding something important that you’re not being truthful about in waking life.

Alternatively, if someone else is deceiving you, it might suggest a lack of trust or vulnerability within relationships. Self-deception dreams can also symbolize an internal struggle between what society expects from us and our true desires. Perhaps there are situations where we feel pressured to conform rather than staying authentic to ourselves.

Overall, this dream serves as a reminder for introspection and self-reflection. By acknowledging any deception present in your life, whether towards yourself or others, you can work towards personal growth and living more authentically.

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