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Dreaming about self-garbing, or dressing oneself in a dream, represents the process of personal transformation and self-expression. It signifies your desire to present yourself differently to others or make changes in how you perceive yourself. The act of choosing clothes symbolizes making choices that align with your true identity. The type of clothing you wear holds significance as well.

If you are dressed elegantly, it suggests confidence and an enhanced sense of self-worth. Wearing casual attire may indicate a need for relaxation or a desire to blend in with others. If the act of dressing is difficult or frustrating, it could suggest feelings of insecurity or uncertainty about who you truly are.

Alternatively, struggling to find suitable clothing might reflect challenges faced while trying to fit into societal expectations.

Overall, this dream encourages exploration and authenticity within oneself by embracing individuality and expressing thoughts/feelings honestly without fear of judgment from others.

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