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Dreaming about self-idolatry can be a symbol of an inflated ego or excessive self-importance. It may suggest that you have become too absorbed in your own achievements, appearance, or status.

This dream could be warning you against becoming overly narcissistic and losing touch with reality.

Alternatively, dreaming of self-idolatry might indicate feelings of low self-worth masked by outward arrogance. It is possible that deep down, you feel insecure and are compensating for these insecurities by projecting an image of superiority to others. This dream invites introspection into how you perceive yourself and the way you interact with those around you. Are there areas where your ego needs to be balanced? Perhaps it’s time to focus more on empathy towards others rather than solely seeking validation for yourself.

Overall, this dream serves as a reminder to find a healthy balance between recognizing your worth while remaining humble and considerate towards others’ perspectives and emotions

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