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Dreaming of being self-pleased suggests a sense of satisfaction and contentment with oneself. It symbolizes a healthy level of self-esteem and confidence in your abilities. This dream may indicate that you are feeling proud and accomplished, possibly as a result of recent personal achievements or successes.

Alternatively, dreaming about being self-pleased could also be a reflection of narcissistic tendencies or excessive focus on oneself. It might suggest an inflated ego or arrogance towards others. To gain further insight into the interpretation, consider the context and emotions within the dream.

If you feel joyous and at peace during this dream, it signifies positive self-regard. However, if there is negativity associated with this feeling – such as disregarding others’ feelings or acting superior – it can serve as a reminder to maintain humility in your interactions with others.

Overall, dreaming about being self-pleased highlights either healthy pride in one’s accomplishments or warns against becoming overly egotistical.

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