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Dreaming of self-review can symbolize a deep desire for introspection and self-evaluation. It suggests that you may be reflecting on your actions, choices, and behaviors in waking life. This dream often occurs when we feel the need to assess our progress or make important decisions. The dream could indicate a period of personal growth where you are examining past experiences, identifying areas for improvement, and acknowledging accomplishments. It signifies an opportunity for self-awareness and gaining insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

Alternatively, this dream might suggest feelings of guilt or regret about certain aspects of yourself or recent actions. It urges you to take responsibility for any mistakes made while offering an opportunity for forgiveness and learning from these experiences.

Overall, dreaming of self-review invites you to honestly evaluate yourself with kindness and compassion. Use this reflection as a guide towards personal development by making positive changes based on newfound understanding about who you are.

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