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Dreaming about sit-ins can symbolize your desire for change and standing up for what you believe in. It suggests that you are feeling the need to express your opinions or fight against an injustice in your waking life. The act of sitting-in represents a peaceful protest, indicating that you prefer resolving conflicts through non-violent means.

Alternatively, this dream may reflect feelings of being restricted or confined in some aspect of your life. Sitting-in could represent a sense of being stuck or unable to move forward due to external circumstances or personal limitations.

Consider the emotions and details within the dream for further interpretation.

If you feel empowered during the sit-in, it indicates courage and determination towards making positive changes. However, if there is discomfort or tension present, it might suggest inner conflict regarding taking action on important issues.

Overall, dreaming about sit-ins urges you to take a stand for yourself and others while encouraging peaceful resolutions rather than aggressive confrontation.

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