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Dreaming about squishing something can symbolize repressed anger or frustration. It suggests that you may have unresolved issues or emotions that are building up inside of you and need to be released. The act of squishing in your dream represents a desire for control, as if you want to crush the things causing these negative feelings.

Alternatively, dreaming about squishiness could also indicate a lack of boundaries in your waking life. You might feel overwhelmed by people or situations that are encroaching upon your personal space or invading your privacy. Furthermore, this dream can serve as a reminder to pay attention to how you handle conflicts and difficult situations in your daily life. Are you too aggressive? Do you tend to suppress rather than express yourself? Reflect on these aspects and consider finding healthier ways to address problems.

Overall, this dream urges self-reflection and the need for emotional release while highlighting potential areas where assertiveness is required.

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