Stained Glass

Dream Interpretation Guide

Dreaming of stained glass often symbolizes the beauty and complexity within yourself. The vibrant colors and intricate designs represent different aspects of your personality coming together to create a harmonious whole. This dream may indicate that you are embracing all parts of yourself, both light and dark, and finding balance in your life.

Alternatively, stained glass can also suggest a need for protection or privacy. Just like the colored panes filter out harsh sunlight, this dream might be telling you to shield yourself from negative influences or emotional vulnerability. If the stained glass is broken or shattered in your dream, it could reflect feelings of fragmentation or internal conflict. It suggests that certain areas of your life may be falling apart, requiring attention and healing.

Overall, dreaming about stained glass signifies self-discovery through understanding various facets of who you are while reminding you to protect your inner world from external negativity.

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