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Dream Interpretation: Stolen Glances Seeing stolen glances in your dream symbolizes a desire for secrecy or hidden desires. It may suggest that you are feeling intrigued by someone or something and want to keep it under wraps. This could be related to a romantic interest, an illicit affair, or even personal ambitions that you’re not ready to reveal.

Alternatively, stolen glances can also represent feelings of guilt or shame about certain aspects of your life. You might have secrets that burden your conscience and make you feel uneasy. If the stolen glances in the dream involve strangers, it may indicate curiosity about unknown opportunities or adventures waiting for you on the horizon. However, if these glimpses involve people close to you like friends or family members, it could imply concerns about their intentions towards you.

Overall, this dream suggests a need for introspection and self-reflection regarding what is being concealed from others as well as examining any internal conflicts arising from these hidden emotions or actions.

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