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Dreaming of a time-capsule can symbolize your desire to preserve memories or experiences from the past. It may suggest that you have a deep longing for nostalgia and are seeking ways to hold onto cherished moments.

This dream could also indicate that you feel stuck in the past, unable to move forward or embrace new opportunities.

Alternatively, dreaming of a time-capsule may represent hidden aspects of yourself or unresolved emotions that need exploration and understanding. The contents inside the capsule might offer clues about specific areas in your life where you should focus on self-reflection.

Additionally, this dream could be reminding you of forgotten dreams, goals, or ambitions from earlier stages in your life. It encourages you to revisit these aspirations and consider if they still hold value and meaning for your present circumstances.

Overall, dreaming about a time-capsule signifies reflection on the past while encouraging personal growth by acknowledging both positive memories worth preserving and any unresolved issues requiring attention.

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