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Dreaming about record-keeping often signifies a need for organization and control in your waking life. It suggests that you may feel overwhelmed or scattered, seeking ways to keep track of important information or events.

This dream could indicate a desire to be more responsible and diligent in managing your affairs. If the act of record-keeping feels stressful or burdensome in the dream, it might reflect anxiety related to feeling unprepared or fearing failure. Perhaps there are unresolved tasks or obligations weighing on your mind.

On the other hand, if keeping records brings you satisfaction and relief during the dream, it can symbolize a sense of accomplishment and progress towards achieving goals. You may have an innate need for structure and orderliness which is being reflected through this symbolic act.

Overall, dreaming about record-keeping urges you to take stock of your responsibilities, get organized with time management skills if necessary, prioritize tasks effectively while also maintaining balance in various aspects of life.

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